Who are we?

MODEL ÇELİK which gives service over” 20 years in it’s sector, succeded to catch bazaar conditions with the helpof team work and team soul in true time and true place With it’s investments it takes place among todays succesfull firms

MODEL ÇELİK keeps step to the latest developirents, and follows the developing technology very closely and it always tries to do best

It succeded to proof it self in the bazaar by it’s progressive view and by giving importance to the to the allkinds of customers desires and tastes

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Why US?

High quality

Our steel cabinets are made of high quality DKP sheet and are extremely durable and meet the needs of your office for many years.

Reasonable price

Our metal cabinets are produced with high quality and reasonable price password for our customers and are offered to you.

Free Delivery

We deliver the products we produce in our factory in Bursa free of charge in Bursa.